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As the owner of Tatsiana Osko Inc -Kids Therapy Outlets, I graduated from Brooklyn College in 2006 with an Undergraduate Degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology. In 2008, I graduated from Florida International University with a Graduate Degree in Speech and Language Pathology with “bilingual emphasis”.

I earned my Graduate Degree while also working for a number of private therapy companies as a Speech Language Pathologist Assistant. I earned my Certificate of Clinical Competence working with Pediatric and Geriatric Populations. Since then I worked  for Broward County Public Schools full time, and for various private therapy companies on a part time basis. Having natural interpersonal and clinical skills, I have acquired a solid reputation with my patients which let me bring the idea of Kids Therapy Outlets  to come alive. I was able to get interdisciplinary team of therapists  under one umbrella. 

Our therapists provide a one-on-one therapy at a child’s home, center or daycare, wherever it suits the best. We implement "functional therapy" in the least “restrictive environment”. We strive to provide a warm and loving environment where my little patients succeed and where parents or caregivers learn strategies to further implement skills and enhance therapeutic progress. Our experience includes Articulation/Phonological disorders, Developmental Delays, Language Delays, Autism/PDD, Augmentation Communication, Down syndrome, Feeding Disorders and Dysphasia, Sensory Disorder, Visual and Auditory processing disorders as well as many other disorders. We also provide Family Education and Training. We love working with special needs population (Children with autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, etc…). These individuals require special accommodations. We try to accommodate their special needs to the best of my abilities. We take pride in working with my clients to bring them to their greatest potential. It is the love and passion that we have for each and every child we work with which help

 us to succeed. I personally supervise each and every child and track their progress! 



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